Namgoong Min Confirms Casting For Upcoming SBS Drama

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Namgoong Min has been casted for the upcoming SBS drama “Fabrication” (working title). “Fabrication” will tell the story of reporters who uncover the absurdities in a corrupt society. Namgoong Min will be playing the role of a troublemaker who becomes a reporter in order to seek revenge for his brother’s unwarranted […]

Drama Review 'Tunnel – Drama'Episode 7


It is revelations galore in episode seven of “Tunnel – Drama” as the modern Gwang-ho’s connection to our leads becomes clearer. Gwang-ho’s identity is compromised as Seon-jae refuses to let go. Meanwhile, hidden parts of Jae-i’s past are about to make their entrance, and it looks like Gwang-ho’s protective behavior towards her is exactly what surely many […]

Drama Review 'Tunnel – Drama' Episode 8


Grab a hanky and brace for a very personal, very emotional episode of “Tunnel – Drama”. Seon-jae can no longer doubt Gwang-ho’s identity and so our in-the-know duo becomes a trio. In the process of wrapping up a new case, Gwang-ho picks up on Yeon-sook’s trail and finally gets to know her fate. Meanwhile, Jae-i notices […]