Drama Review 'Goblin' Episode 14


So even though a really big point has been made about how the Goblin will die if the sword is ever pulled out, apparently by “die” what everyone actually meant was “get sent to icy purgatory for several years”. This will end his suffering somehow. The logic of this rather escapes me, since being an […]

Epic Goblin weekend coming up


The final three episodes of “Goblin” will air this Friday and Saturday. The newly released preview of episode 14 suggests that viewers should stock up on tissue paper.  For “Goblin” viewers who have yet to catch up, hopefully it is not too much of a spoiler to reveal that the sword was pulled out of Shin (Gong Yoo) and […]

Drama Review Hwarang' Episode 8


As the queen tries to build up the hwarang, her opponents just as quickly attempt to tear them down. Meanwhile romance flowers between the beautiful young men and women of Silla and complicates matters for those with political aims. Aro is one of those young people in love, confused by her emotions for her brother […]

Lee Min-ho-I to star in 'Housewife Detective'


Actor Lee Min-ho-I is starring in the new drama “Housewife Detective”. “Housewife Detective” is a comical drama about a housewife named Myeong Yoo-jin who becomes an assistant to a detective. Lee Min-ho-I takes on the role of Hwang Cheol-min, a snatch thief who spends 7 years in prison. He is left without a choice to protect the family that he loves […]