Month: June 2016

Black Pink Debut Date And Music Video Plans Revealed


After revealing the name of their upcoming girl group, Black Pink, YG Entertainment revealed the group’s debut plans to news outlet Star News. First, the group will most likely debut late July. Teddy is the group’s exclusive producer for now and the debut album is complete. Furthermore, Black Pink is currently filming three separate music videos. A […]

Film Review 'The Handmaiden'


The time is the Japanese Occupation. Sook-hee (played by Kim Tae-ri) is a street-level thief and con artist who like anyone else is just trying to get by. Opportunity arises in the form of the Count (played by Ha Jeong-woo) who needs assistance as part of an elaborate scheme to gain access to the family fortune of […]

Drama Review Mirror of the Witch' Episode 13


A tussel over the jar containing the spirit of Yeon-hee’s departed brother defines the main conflict this this around, making it fairly easy to keep track of the story. But strictly speaking the only character with any particular reason to care about what happens to the jar is Queen Dowager Sim. Hong-joo only cares because […]