Month: July 2016

Drama Review 'The Good Wife' Episode 5


“The Good Wife” smacks us with a big twist in episode five, which changes a great deal about what we have known so far. It personally worries me in regards to the future, but perhaps it will be a good thing. The legal case this time involves Hye-kyeong’s past social circle and with Tae-joon home, it […]

Drama Review 'W' Episode 2


It would appear that on top of her other characteristics Yeon-joo is also a drama critic. Go figure. Well, in all fairness practically every real-life character in “W” has some sort of strong opinion about how fictional stories should proceed. And Seong-moo, in typical famous author fashion, arrogantly dismisses any notion that there is a “correct” way […]

NCT 127 And Zhoumi Show SM Family Love


NCT 127 and Zhoumi show some love and support for each other! Both NCT 127 and Zhoumi are currently promoting their new albums and performing on music shows. It appears as though they were able to meet up backstage since they both performed on MBC’s “Music Core” today. Zhoumi posted a snapshot on his Instagram […]

“Beautiful Mind” May End Earlier Than Originally Planned


Due to the upcoming Rio Summer Olympics, KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Beautiful Mind” may end sooner than expected. On July 20, a source from KBS states, “We are currently considering special programming for the Rio Olympics internally. The reduction of episodes for ‘Beautiful Mind’ is still being discussed. We have not yet reached a final decision […]