Month: August 2016

Kim Ha-neul turns into a flight attendant


Kim Ha-neul is playing the role of a flight attendant in the new KBS 2TV drama “Road to the Airport”. The drama is produced by Kim Cheol-gyoo and written by Lee Sook-yeon. The drama is Kim Ha-neul‘s first drama in 4 years and she takes on the role of Choi Soo-ah, a 12-year flight attendant with a young daughter. “Road to […]

Drama Review 'Uncontrollably Fond' Episode 16


“Uncontrollably Fond” is heading into its last two weeks and with that comes revelations for our main characters. Joon-young’s cancer is discovered by Eul, but their relationship woes do not dissipate with that knowledge. There are others still in the dark, and even more people battling for power with blades of knowledge and money. The most […]

Drama Preview 'Fantastic'


“Terminal illness” and “comedy” do not exactly seem to match outside of the black comedy genre, yet Dramaland keeps trying to make it happen. Unfortunately, it usually fails. Even so, “Fantastic” is another drama which promises laughs and fluffy romance, along with great female friendship and other interesting concepts. The series does have promise and if it […]

Drama Review 'Incarnation of Jealousy' Episode 1


After the massive disputes over where “Incarnation of Jealousy” would live, it has finally found its home in SBS and has begun its twenty-four episode run in quite a lively fashion. Jo Jeong-seok and Lee Hwa-sin and Kong Hyo-jin as Pyo Na-ri already have amazing chemistry together and I appreciate having two veterans in main roles. The drama wastes no time […]

Added Korean drama 'Incarnation of Jealousy' episode 1


“Incarnation of Jealousy” (2016) Directed by Park Shin-woo Written by Seo Sook-hyang Network : SBS With Kong Hyo-jin, Jo Jeong-seok, Ko Kyeong-pyo, Lee Mi-sook, Park Ji-yeong, Lee Seong-jae,… 24 episodes – Wed, Thu 22:00SynopsisThe drama depicts romance as well as intense competitive rivalry between an anchor and a weather forecaster working together for a television news show. Source:HanCinema Advertisement Let’s block ads! (Why?) KDramaStars […]