Month: December 2016

Drama Review 'Goblin' Episode 7


(Photo : hancinema) So even though Eun-tak can see the sword for some reason she can’t touch it, which leaves the plot of “Goblin” at an impasse, save for all the warm fuzzies prompted at the last cliffhanger. Once more the drama presents us with an unfortunate dilemma. Do we act annoyed because all of the magical […]

“Introvert Boss” looks super cute in new teaser


“Introvert Boss”, the latest romcom from cable network tvN pits Yeon Woo-jin as an introverted boss against Park Hye-soo as his extroverted subordinate. Cue the workplace hijinks! “Introvert Boss” is the latest from the writing and directing team behind 2014 comedy “Marriage Over Love“, which also featured Yeon Woo-jin as the lead. In the latest teaser, he plays Eun Hwan-ki, who is […]

Turbo And S.E.S To Perform At 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun


Shares 332 MBC is pulling the ultimate “Throwback Thursday” by bringing Turbo and S.E.S to the 2016 MBC Gayo Daejejun. Both groups made comebacks in recent years, releasing new songs and holding concerts to signify their return. This will be the first time that both teams are appearing in music awards shows in approximately 15 years, so the […]

Drama Review 'Entourage' Episode 14


The torture never ends when working with Yeong-bin and his two most trusted people are starting to realize it. Ho-jin’s work is getting harder and the things he has to do for it risk his weighing heavily on his conscience. While Joon and Turtle are off having awkward romances, Eun-gap and Ho-jin bear the weight […]