Month: January 2017

'Introvert Boss' takes a break to get a reboot


After only two weeks on the air, “Introvert Boss” is taking time out for rewrites and a brand new direction. Is this good news or bad news? We’ll have to wait until the show returns to find out. Thanks to (extroverted) viewer complaints and low ratings, “Introvert Boss” will not be airing this week. Instead, the production has announced […]

Added new poster and stills for the Korean-French-Japanese animated movie 'Miraculous'


Added new poster and stills for the upcoming Korean-French-Japanese animated movie “Miraculous” (2016) Directed by Thomas Astruc With Yeo Min-jeong-I, Nam Doh-hyeong, Hong Si-ho, Chang Eun-sook, Jeon Tae-yeol, Kim Eun-ah-I,… Advertisement “Miraculous” is upcoming Korean-French-Japanese co-productionSynopsisAn ordinary student coincidentally gains some magical powers and lives a double life as Marionette during the day and superhero Ladybug at night and saves Paris. Release date in Korea […]