Month: November 2019

Kim Sae Ron Leaves YG Entertainment


(Photo : Twitter) Kim Sae Ron Leaves YG Entertainment Just recently, CL announced that she left YGE. Now, another actress, Kim Sae Ron, has left YG Entertainment.  On November 19, a representative from YGE said, “Her contract has already ended with us. She decided not to renew. It was a mutual decision between us and […]

TRCNG To Promote As 8-Member Group After Taeseon And Wooyeop Sue TS Entertainment


TS Entertainment has shared an official statement regarding future plans for TRCNG, confirming that Taeseon and Wooyeop will no longer be promoting with the group. Shortly after midnight KST on November 19, the agency posted the following statement: Hello. This is TS Entertainment. We are conveying our official statement regarding TRCNG’s future activities. Following long discussions […]