Month: December 2019

K-pop Spotify Awards 2020 Nomination


(Photo : Twitter) K-pop Spotify Awards 2020 Nomination People all over the world have been searching for fresh and aesthetic forms of media to express themselves or merely to bask in the beauty of it. Pieces of art, film, and music have been a source of self-expression and a way to relieve stress. One foreign […]

Top 5 Best Korean CC Creams


(Photo : Twitter) Top 5 Best Korean CC Creams CC cream stands for correcting cream or color correcting cream. A CC cream has a bit more coverage compared to your typical BB creams. This product is also affordable with a lot of SPF content good for everyday use. It is very affordable and still highly […]

Comedians Removed From EBS Children’s Show Following Videos Of Apparent Violence And Verbal Harassment Of Busters’s Chaeyeon


The EBS children’s show “Tok! Tok! Boni Hani” has addressed concerns after videos were shared online involving Busters’s Chaeyeon, in which she appears to be hit by a fellow cast member as well as verbally harassed by another. On December 11, a video was shared online of Chaeyeon (who is 15 years old in Western reckoning) […]