4 Loved 1 Hated Moments in “When My Love Blooms” 7th and 8th Episodes

4 Loved 1 Hated Moments in “When My Love Blooms” 7th and 8th Episodes
(Photo : twitter) 4 Loved 1 Hated Moments in “When My Love Blooms” 7th and 8th Episodes

“When My Love Blooms” is now halfway toward its end and the situations in the drama tilted the scales as Yoo Ji Soo (played by Lee Bo young) and Han Jae Hyun (played by Yoo Ji Tae) make life-changing decisions, taking us closer to get answers for our incessant curiosity during the drama’s premiere.

Here are four loved moments, and one hated in the 7th and 8th episodes of “When My Love Blooms.”
First off, the first moment we all love is Joo Young Woo’s confession. Joo Young Woo is portrayed by Lee Tae Sung and is the second lead, also in love with Yoo Ji Soo. And although the one that we all root for is Han Jae Hyun, the confession of Joo Young Woo just simply melts our hearts. His admission is sweet yet very tragic, knowing that Yoo Ji Soo will leave him. This is absolutely one of the most torturing second lead syndromes in romance dramas.

The second one is when Yoo Ji Soo is leaving her spouse and discussing it about her son, Young Min. Most dramas show their children, but they never say anything in the drama. Yoo Ji Soo talking to her son and Young Min answering her just shows Young Min’s take on the situation and makes his character relevant in the story. In the scene, you can see that the mother’s love for her child always comes first than romance.

The third loved moment is when Yoo Ji Soo was in the balcony and turned off the light so that Han Jae Hyun will drive off. However, what Han Jae Hyun didn’t know was under the darkness, Yoo Ji Soo was sitting on the balcony watching Han Jae Hyun as he leaves. Their longing expression and sweet instrumental music make the scene more romantic and bittersweet.

Han Jae Hyun’s motives finally revealed is the fourth moment we all paid our attention to – the scene where Han Jae Hyun decides to take a risk and find new details to keep the case open. The scene just gives Han Jae Hyun’s character conviction and just makes his motives clear. 

And now we’re down to the most hated moment: Han Jae Hyun’s talk with Lee Se Hoon. After finding out that Yoo Ji Soo is going back to her ex-husband, Han Jae Hyun tried to stop it. He talked with Lee Se Hoon, saying that if Lee Se Hoon takes her child, he will take Yoo Ji Soo. 

This tells us that Han Jae Hyun is more foolish and ridiculous than romantic while trying to protect Yoo Ji Soo. Jae Hyun doesn’t show any sign leaving his marriage, so all his talking sounds a bit absurd. Given that Han Jae Hyun’s father-in-law and his wife abuses Yoo Ji Soo, it’s impossible for him to take in his first love. This just makes Han Jae Hyun’s character a little bit arrogant. 

Tune in to the next episode of “When My Love Blooms.”

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