7 Korean Actresses Who Experienced Bullying in The Past

7 Korean Actresses Who Experienced Bullying in The Past
(Photo : instagram) 7 Korean Actresses Who Experienced Bullying in The Past

A lot of Korean stars are known for having a happy-go-lucky personality and image, while others are loved by their constant smiles that can captivate anyone. However, this doesn’t mean that growing up was easy for them. You might be surprised to know that many of them also experienced hardships, such as being bullied by others.

Here are some Korean actors who have, unfortunately, experienced bullying in the past.

1. Seo Ye Jin

So Ye Jin had gone through many difficult experiences in the past. She was a victim of cyber-bullying and had been verbally harassed online, with a lot of negative remarks and hateful comments hurled at her. What’s worse is that she also experienced being sexually harassed on the internet by filthy online users.

2. Kim Ha Neul

Kim Ha Neul’s personality is considered one-of-a-kind. She was always shy about starting a conversation, so she didn’t talk to a lot of people. The actress admitted that she had been bullied due to her personality. This became the reason why a lot of her schoolmates misunderstood her, and that’s when some students prompted to bullying her.

3. Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron started her career at a young age (9 years old). This means that while she was studying, she was already a celebrity. When she became well-known as a child star, the bullying from her classmates began. The acts that the bullies did to Kim Sae Ron was extreme like stealing her shoes, writing curse words about her on the playground, and purposefully ignoring her like she didn’t exist at all.

4. Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young might have an adorable face and happy image, but it doesn’t exempt her from experiencing being bullied. When she was in high school, she had to live through many difficulties due to bullying, such as students putting trash all over her seat.

5. Yoo In Na

In her high school days, Yoo In Na was always favored by her teachers, and this triggered some jealousy from other students. This caused her schoolmates to start bullying her.

6. Park Ha Sun

During her high school days, Park Ha Sun had a brief appearance on the South Korean variety show “Golden Bell.” There, she showed her cute charms to the viewers. However, this did not sit well with her classmates, possibly because of jealousy. She ended up getting bullied for her appearance on the show and was severely mocked as well.

7. IU

Being a celebrity isn’t easy at all. IU as well has been the victim of cyber-bullying since a lot of netizens have spread false information about her. She was harassed and thrown with hateful comments, but it’s safe to say that this made IU strong, and now she often opts to sue her haters for their bad behavior.

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