8 Binge-Worthy C-Dramas & TW-Dramas To Snuggle Up With This Fall

This 2015 Taiwanese drama series follows the unfortunate Guan Xiao Tong (Ivelyn Lee) whose life revolves around the age-old adage that essentially states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Xiao Tong is successful at pairing others up at the matchmaking agency she works for, and is able to solve anyone’s relationship issues…except her own. Across the street from the matchmaking agency, Ji Jia Wei (Danson Tang) sets up a divorce agency that strives to provide divorced individuals with their happy endings. However, as time goes on – and as she starts to break through the walls he’s built up – Jia Wei begins caring deeply for Xiao Tong. But her lifelong curse of everything going wrong is not the only obstacle these two face as their relationship grows.

If you’re yearning for something sweet and simple, this one’s perfect for you! I found it refreshing to witness a down-to-earth couple coping with relatable issues (to an extent – hopefully no one’s luck is as bad as Xiao Tong’s). She thinks he is heartless and cynical, while he believes her to be naive and foolish. It’s comedic and fun with solid acting, and it’s an easy-breezy watch for a night when you just need some cuteness without a lot of heavy or dark themes.

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This 2017 Chinese drama tells the story of Zhuang Shu (Jin Dong), a successful surgeon whose life was drastically altered one fateful night in a case of medical malpractice nearly 30 years ago. In the present day, he meets fellow surgeon Lu Chen Xi (Bai Bai He), who is connected to the mystery of his dark past – and has a tragic history of her own. Working side by side, the two dig for the truth of what happened that night while facing their developing feelings for each other.

While “Surgeons” is not as quick-paced as other dramas on this list, the reason it is so engaging is because of the day-to-day, commonplace interactions between the hospital’s staff as they go about their jobs. While the above-mentioned “fateful night” is a large part of our two leads’ history – and a tragic connection they share – the daily verbal jousts and slow-burn romance between them is what drives the drama. And the slow-burn romance is worth it, by the way. So if you’re on the hunt for a unique entertainment experience this fall season, then this one’s for you!

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Fights Break Sphere

This currently-airing 2018 Chinese drama tells the story of Xiao Yan (Leo Wu), who witnessed the murder of his mother as a helpless 9-year-old. Years later at age 15 – despite his efforts to become a great martial artist – Xiao Yan’s abilities are not up to par with his father’s expectations. However, when he accidentally summons the Medicine Lord, Yao Chen (Baron Chen), he becomes a skilled martial artist with the intent of seeking revenge for his mother’s death.

First of all, it’s refreshing to have such a youthful lead; the drama possesses energy that keeps the momentum rolling from start to stop, and I believe a lot of that is due to having such an energetic, young protagonist. Leo Wu’s acting is spot-on with genuine emotional depth and perfect comedic timing. The writing is quick and clever, and not a moment lags. From the start, I was completely invested, and since the drama is currently airing, there’s more to look forward to! If you’re a fan of the fantasy realm, I would start catching up on this one right away.

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Love And π

This currently-airing 2018 Taiwanese drama tells the story of Zhao Wu Xian (Ben Wu), Zhao Yuan Man (Ivy Shao), and Hou Zi Cheng (Daniel Chen) – lifelong friends who grew up in the same rural orphanage. Upon reaching adulthood, they all set out for Taipei together to each pursue their individual dreams. But city life, not to mention adult life, is not exactly what they expected, and they cling to each other closer than ever as they learn how to navigate through it all.

This drama was a genuinely pleasant surprise; I originally didn’t plan on watching more than a few minutes of the first episode, and suddenly realized I was all caught up. The characters snatch you up before you even know it, each with their own set of personal strengths and inner demons. It’s off to a brilliant start, so if you haven’t started, now’s the time to get caught up!

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Which dramas are you most looking forward to snuggling up with this season, Soompiers? Let ㅕㄴ know in the comments below!

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