8 Reasons To Stan HyunA And DAWN

It’s about time. K-pop fans never thought they would see the day where an idol couple would not only come out in the open about their relationship but also go on a variety show to reveal some juicy details. While no words are needed to describe how awesome HyunA and DAWN are, here are just a few reasons why you need to stan them!

1. They are the epitome of couple fashion goals.

While some might think that couples who match their clothes can be cheesy, HyunA and DAWN make it look oh so cool. It’s no secret that HyunA and DAWN flaunt their fashion to no end. They take matching couple outfits to another level. And the fact that they’re both beautiful people makes their fashion flaunting look effortlessly cool.

It looks like they just threw some random clothes on, but they still look so impeccable.

2. They’re not afraid to show the public their love for each other.

HyunA and DAWN are both pretty active on their social media accounts (mainly Instagram) and the two don’t hide in showing their fans and followers that they are happily in love. Unlike other Korean idol couples, HyunA and DAWN post photos of themselves pretty often and have even done IG live sessions together!

3. They’re very real and honest about their relationship.

The pair recently made an appearance on “Ask Us Anything” where they were asked A LOT of questions about their relationship. They were very straightforward and held nothing back. They were totally ok with revealing how they started dating and what the dynamics of their relationship are like. It’s a side that is none of our business, but the fact that they so cooly revealed these details made us love them even more.

Look at them being so cute in potato costumes.

DAWN also had the privilege of being a guest on “Radio Star” where he revealed a lot about his relationship with HyunA. He was open and honest – the only way DAWN knows how to be!

4. They remain true to who they are.

Despite them having a very public relationship and HyunA being the international mega superstar that she is, the two have remained true to themselves. They have not changed at all even though their relationship came out in the open. HyunA continues to have a solid relationship with her fans (and pup), and DAWN continues to create beautiful music while expressing himself.

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5. They are each other’s biggest fan and biggest rival.

These two are strictly both love and business – at the same time. And it’s so beautiful to see. While they released singles on the exact same day at the exact same time, it didn’t stop them from promoting each other on their respective social media accounts. They had also mentioned in an interview that they consider each other as rivals when it comes to music.

6. They both released bops.

How does a couple release two songs on the same day and both manage to be catchy bops? HyunA’s “Flower Shower” and DAWN’s “Money” are both the perfect songs to add to your playlist for the fall/winter season. The choreographies for both songs are also so visually appealing.

HyunA’s song, “Flower Shower”:

DAWN’s song, “Money”:

Both lit.

7. They’re one of the first idol couples who have appeared on a variety show together.

An idol couple has never appeared on a variety show together (after news of their relationship is revealed) to be asked a lot of questions about their relationship. DAWN and HyunA made the decision on their own to go on the show, knowing that they would get asked a lot of questions. They were so cool and nonchalant about the whole situation, which they should be. Idols should be allowed to date and it should be the norm. They are paving the way and let’s hope it sticks.

8. This whole DAZED spread.

They look like such a picturesque perfect pair. And this photoshoot did them justice.

These two particular photos from the spread are especially adorable.

Hey Soompiers, are you fans of HyunA and DAWN? Let me know in the comments below!

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