AB6IX Shares Excitement For Upcoming October Comeback

AB6IX raised anticipation for their upcoming October comeback!

It has been announced that AB6IX is currently gearing up to make their return in October, and in a recent interview, they revealed that the comeback will happen early in the month. Lee Dae Hwi said, “In a way, it’s a high-speed comeback. We actually worked on the new album while promoting ‘Breathe.’ We’re still working hard on it. We’re curious to see our fans’ reaction, and we hope we’ll become more known to the public through this album”

When asked if they could provide any hints for the new album, Lee Dae Hwi simply said, “There’s a lot. There’s just, a lot of something,” and Kim Dong Hyun said, “That’s all we’re giving.”

Lim Young Min gave one more clue for the comeback as he said, “We hope to show a more masculine and charismatic side of ourselves in the upcoming comeback.” Park Woo Jin added, “As we’ve always done, we’re going to keep working hard. We hope to have more time to connect with our fans. We want more people to know who we are, and we want to gain recognition from more people. We hope we can end the year with no one getting hurt.”

Are you excited for AB6IX’s comeback this October?

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