Actress Jeon Hye-bin Getting Married in Bali

Actress Jeon Hye-bin Getting Married in Bali
(Photo : Twitter) Actress Jeon Hye-bin Getting Married in Bali

Pan Stars Company, Jeon Hye-bin’s agency, has announced that the actress is getting married this week. 

The agency released an official statement on December 3, saying:

Good day! I’m an official from Pan Stars Company, the agency that’s handling Jeon Hye-bin. Before anything else, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people who keep on loving and supporting Hye-bin. Today, we bring you good news. Jeon Hye-bin, the actress that we all love and admire, is getting on December 7 at Bali.

The actress is excited to get married and we would like to relay what she had shared with us. Hye-bin said that her soon to be husband has an excellent character and she has felt a deep connection with him from the beginning. She found someone she could be real with and can communicate with. She has found security and happiness and that’s why she finally decided to get married.

The couple knew each other through mutual friends and have dater seriously for over a year before deciding to get married. The wedding ceremony will be small and private with only close friends and families.

We ask for your understanding as the groom is not a celebrity and wishes to do the ceremony privately.

Thank you, everyone.

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