An Honest Review Of Arthdal Chronicles

An Honest Review Of Arthdal Chronicles
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Arthdal Chronicles tells the story of the land Arth. This kingdom is reigned by different leaders of tribes who are hungry for more power. A tribal dispute took place as leaders wanting to achieve the highest power of Arth. This happened because the kingdom’s elite army took in an isolated tribe. The great cast will provide you the highest expectation for the show. You will be curious to know about the fates of the characters after seeing their interesting backstory.

The drama showed how the heroes and villains outwitted each other. Each of the characters has weaknesses that hinder them in achieving their goals. The writer did a great job in simple storytelling. You will see the amazing culture and beliefs of Arthdal. Discover a whole new world of adventure and prepare yourself in heartbreaking scenes that will happen because of greediness. Wahan tribe and Neanthals only wanted to seek peace and happiness using nature’s creations. Human tribes only wanted to live a convenient life without thinking of the harm and death they will bring to other beings. They don’t know the meaning of contentment and focus only on material things.

The second part of Arthdal Chronicle is focused on conflict and the climactic point of narrative. Director Kim Won Seok did a great job of creating different characters that share various emotions to the viewers. It is hard to come up with characters that will make the story more realistic. Writers Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Hyun worked in this masterpiece that will be remembered for a long time. They are successful in making the viewers excited to see every episode. Placing the culminating chapter on a break after such strong momentum dragging the days to witness the redeeming moments of the interestingly conceived characters.

Review #1:

This drama that centers in fantasy doesn’t have similarities with other dramas. It has unique elements that make viewers hooked. I loved how they introduced different tribes and different cultures. The drama crew did their best in showcasing their creativity from the costumes and accessories of the characters. They are amazing and they helped make these characters come to life.

This drama can still expand the story into other worlds. They can create new characters with endless possibilities. Arthdal Chronicle made me realize that the weak always suffer from those who use their power for evilness. Wahan tribe is the representation when humans are pure and innocent. Their only goal is to live a simple and happy life.

I am emotional after seeing tribes being killed by the heartless villains. I am hoping that someone will stop them and made them realize that killing is not the answer. Tagon said he will seize the Ago tribe and I am looking forward to what will happen next. I wish Wahans will be able to return to their home which is a lark. Someone, please teach Tagon and Taealha about minimalist ambition. 

I want Tanya and Eunseom to reunite again. I am also wondering what will happen if Saya and Eunseom meet. The ending is not what I expected and I want more closure from the main characters. I will recommend this show to people who like fantasy. There is more in Arth, you will feel the emotions of the characters as if you are also part of the tribe. Be ready to feel excited, heartbroken, and satisfied when you watch Arthdal Chronicles.

Review #2:

Arth is the world that will leave you breathless. Even after 20 years, this drama will never get old because of the stunning cinematography. It is difficult to make another drama that will compete in this. This fictional world is like a dream that will make you wonder what other creatures live in it. This drama is a masterpiece and I am happy that I was able to witness the magic and adventures in Arth.

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