Bae Doona’s Character in “Kingdom” Reminds Us of Our Brave, Selfless Frontliners

Bae Noona’s character plays a big role in the Korean thriller “Kingdom.” She gets the perfect role where she blends with the ambitious Cho clan and serves the Crown Prince Lee Chang.

The drama’s protagonists such as her face and fight the undead to survive and protect the kingdom. But in contrast to Bae Doona in real life, she isn’t into any horror movies. She gets scared with the look of it and that her feisty character Seo-bi, who without doubt will kill the zombies when needed – is the exact opposite in reality. 

“It might be because I easily immerse myself in a film, but watching a horror film can give me a hard time for a whole week,” said Bae Doona in a recent interview.

She further explained that Seo-bi, a loyal health nurse who cares and treats the sick, stood with the crown prince to ward off zombies and maltreatment of the poor. 

“Seo-bi is described in the script as someone who possesses the strength of a mother, but as a female character living in the Joseon dynasty, she was bound by the social status and class. Confucianism and gender inequality of the period,” she said. 

During the interview, she was asked why she chose to play the character when she is not fond of horror movies. Bae Doona expressed her trust and love for the flow of the script. 

“There was no reason for me to hesitate to know that I would be working with writer Kim Eun-hee and director Kim Seong-hun, who I respect and admire so much. They also wanted to work with me, but Seo-bi was the only character I could play,” said the actress.

“Of course, the character went through some adjustments because it was assigned to me. Rather than being a passive woman who is protected by men, gets scared of zombies, which would be more stereotypical of women that time, Seo-bi became a character who is brave and strong, who can smash a zombie’s head with a hand plow. Which was part of the new aspects that were added to this character as I acted on set,” Bae Doona added.

At present, our frontliners, which include doctors, nurses, vendors, cops, soldiers, among others, are in the middle of war against the pandemic coronavirus and are risking their lives to protect the people.

Seo-bi is not different. She has the courage to save lives and find a cure. From the start of season 1 up to the second season, Seo-bi never showed fear in facing the undead and her willingness to protect the poor with no prejudice doesn’t subside. Seo-bi reminds us of the spirit of our frontliners in this time of global health crisis. 

“I may not come from the same cultural background or speak the same language as audiences around the world, but when I put my heart into the work, they can all see and feel it,” said Bae Doona.  

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