Big Sights And Great Entertainment

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The sights of London range from the historic to the new. See wonderful historical buildings that are known worldwide such as the Tower Bridge or Big Ben. Find beautiful historic buildings like these all over London, each one meticulously maintained so people from all over the world can continue to enjoy them for years to come. While sightseeing, you may notice other buildings that will one day become historical buildings in their own right. Buildings like the Gherkin, Lloyd’s building, or even the “Shard of Glass” building which should be complete in 2012.

Entertainment of all sorts can be easily found throughout London, the hard choice will be what to pick. If you like to dance and enjoy the music try going to one of the many great clubs during your stay, but if that doesn’t satisfy your dance craving, try going to London in late August. This is when the Notting Hill Carnival occurs and it is the second largest street party in the world! Fabulous costumes and dancing abound in this incredible carnival.

Theater is also a great way to spend some time in London. Head to the entertainment district by Leicester Square to find film premieres, opera, plays, and ballet. See what’s playing as you walk around by looking at the huge marquees found all over the area. The choices for entertainment are numerous and may be a difficult decision to come to, so pick a few or even one for every day that you are in London. Once you decide what you want to see head to the theater for an evening of divine entertainment.

Whenever you start to get hungry try stopping by one of the many restaurants found all over, but for the most choices try going to Islington’s upper street. This one mile stretch of road has more restaurant and bar choices than anywhere else in London, or the UK. If that doesn’t wet your appetite after seeing all the possible choices for London cuisine, try heading to Soho instead. Soho’s Chinatown district has excellent gastronomy choices as well.

After all the sightseeing, entertainment, and fabulous food it’s time for a little shopping. Head to one of the shopping districts found throughout the city. Find that unique item in one of the lovely stores in London, many carry specialty items found nowhere else. The great diversity of the shops found allow you to pick a real memento to remember your trip to London and brag about to all of your friends.

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