BIGBANG’s Daesung Reportedly Lists Gangnam Building For Sale

BIGBANG member Daesung is allegedly selling his building in Gangnam, which recently made headlines for illegal businesses being conducted inside.

On August 1, Channel A reported that Daesung has put his building on the market.

According to the report, Daesung’s building is listed for sale at 40 billion won (approximately $ 33.5 million). If the building were to sell for its currently listed price, Daesung would make a profit of about 5 billion won (approximately $ 4.2 million).

A reporter from Channel A called a broker to ask about the listing after revealing he was a reporter. The broker feigned ignorance and replied that he didn’t know who BIGBANG was. When the reporter called again under the guise of an interested buyer and asked if Daesung put his building on the market, the real estate broker replied, “Yes, that’s correct. There’s a team working covertly [to sell] it. We’ll make it happen quickly.”

The real estate broker stated that Daesung first showed interest in selling the building in June, which, according to the report, was after Daesung’s side became aware that Channel A was preparing to report on the illegal adult entertainment businesses in the building at the end of March.

The real estate broker continued to persuade the “buyer” by reassuring him that Daesung’s entertainment agency was also involved in the selling process. The real estate broker stated, “Yes, it’s “Y” Entertainment. I won’t add the ‘G.’” YG Entertainment, however, denied any involvement.

A source from the real estate industry said that it was unusual for a building worth tens of billions of won to be put back on the market this quickly. They said, “An average person doesn’t do that because liquidizing real estate is not easy.”

Channel A concluded its report by adding that the police are having a hard time with their investigations because the adult entertainment businesses in Daesung’s building have already begun closing down.

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