BIGBANG’S G-Dragon Chooses Between Jung Hyung Don And His Other Celebrity Friends

During the February 8 broadcast of “Weekly Idol,” which showed previously unaired clips of BIGBANG’s earlier appearance on the show, G-Dragon picked Jung Hyung Don as one of his most valuable friends.

However, right after saying this, G-Dragon told Jung Hyung Don, “I thought of you one day and called you, but the number was no longer valid,” and looked quite disappointed.

Weekly Idol Jung Hyung Don G-Dragon2

Jung Hyung Don wittily responded, “You know celebrities can’t give numbers to just anyone.” Later he said, “Actually I called you first. But your number also wasn’t valid. I was hurt.” Then G-Dragon realized, “Ah, there was a misunderstanding.”

Then Jung Hyung Don and Defconn suddenly began a friendship test asking G-Dragon to pick between Jung Hyung Don and his other celebrity friends. In the first round, the choice is between G-Dragon and fashion designer Karl Lagerfel. G-Dragon explains that although he is grateful to Karl Lagerfeld, he is not that close to him, so G-Dragon will pick Jung Hyung Don.

Weekly Idol Jung Hyung Don G-Dragon3

In the second round, G-Dragn has to pick between Justin Bieber and Jung Hyung Don. After thinking for a bit, G-Dragon picked Jung Hyung Don again. In the third round, Jung Hyung Don sadly lost to Pharrell Williams, but he remained proud to have gotten that much love from G-Dragon.

Weekly Idol Jung Hyung Don G-Dragon4

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