Brand New Music Announces Official Name Of New Boy Group + Opens Social Media Accounts

Brand New Music is gearing up to debut their new boy group!

On March 29, the agency announced that the name of their new boy group will be AB6IX, revealing the group’s logo and identity, as well as opening official social media accounts.

According to the explanation of the name, “AB6IX was selected as the abbreviation of ‘ABSOLUTE SIX,’ which states Brand New Boys becomes one only when the five members and their fans are together, as well as ‘ABOVE BRANDNEW SIX,’ which reflects the hopes that the five members and their fans will open up a new plane for Brand New Music.”

The motion logo video that was released reflect the journey the members have experienced so far. With four lights becoming two circles, which combines to make one circle as one more light is added. This is in reference to the fact that Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun have been active as MXM while Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi were members of Wanna One. The added light refers to the fifth member who has not been revealed yet.

Brand New Music stated, “The keywords to describes this group are totality, transcendence, growth, and sincerity, and they come together to perfectly complete the puzzle. Each member has a distinct character, and fans will be able to see as they come together to create great synergy.

AB6IX is set to make their official debut in May. Don’t forget to follow them on YouTube, Twitter (both the group account and the more personal members’ account), Facebook, and Instagram to not miss out on future updates!

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