BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Struggles To Choose Between Lee Seung Gi Or Lee Sang Yoon For His Sister.

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae faced a hard decision on the latest episode of “Master in the House”!
(Photo : twitter) BTOB’s Yook Sungjae faced a hard decision on the latest episode of “Master in the House”!

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae struggles to choose between Lee Seung Gi or Lee Sang Yoon for his sister.

The show “Master in the House” is a South Korean television program of SBS. The show was scheduled to air on SBS every Sunday at 18:20 (KST) beginning December 31, 2017. The cast of the program are Lee Seung-gi, Lee Sang-yoon, Yang Se-hyung and Yook Sung-jae (BtoB).

On the episode 102 of the show Shin Sung-rok joined the show as a permanent cast member. This is the first variety show for Lee Seung-gi since he was dismissed from the military. And as for for Lee Sang-yoon and Shin Sung-rok’s this would be the first fixed variety show of their career.

In this show what they usually do is the cast members will spend 2 days 1 night together with respectful figures of various fields or professions, known as their Masters. And would have a chance to get to know about the lives of the Masters, in hopes of gaining knowledge and wisdom. There is also a 1-day Master in the show, which the cast would spend a day together and conduct an interview with them.

This 12th of January 2020 on the episode of the SBS variety show the cast members tried their talent in cheerleading under the guidance of their newest masters, the Korea’s national cheerleading team.

During the episode there was a scene where Yook Sungjae had to choose the two members that would catch him in a trust fall. The young BTOB member instantly chose Lee Seung Gi and Lee Sang Yoon. Both of them are the two cast mates that he trusted and wanted to catch him as he fell backwards.

And just as when Yook Sungjae was ready to make the fall, Yang Se Hyung made a quick interview and mischievously asked him that if he was given an option to set one up with his sister, which one of them would it be?

Yook Sungjae’s face turned dark hilariously as he was asked, which of them Between Seung Gi hyung and Sang Yoon hyung?

Lee Seung Gi popped up excitedly stating that, this is an important matter. He said that this kind of thing is real trust, as Yang Se Hyung asked the question again that if he had choose just one person out of Seung Gi and Sang Yoon to set up with his sister, who would it be?

Yook Sungjae immediately replied, “Just a minute,” and Lee Seung Gi jokingly declared, “I think my strength when I catch you will depend on the answer to this question” After cracking up and taking some time to consider his decision, Yook Sungjae finally agreed to shout out his choice for brother-in-law material as he fell backwards into his cast mates’ arms.

As he made his fall, the young actor playfully yelled his answer, “Seung Gi hyung!” before immediately following it up with “…I’m sorry! I pick Sang Yoon hyung!

For a single second, Lee Seung Gi radiated with joy before suddenly realizing that he had been played.

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