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Drama Review 'Tunnel – Drama'Episode 7


It is revelations galore in episode seven of “Tunnel – Drama” as the modern Gwang-ho’s connection to our leads becomes clearer. Gwang-ho’s identity is compromised as Seon-jae refuses to let go. Meanwhile, hidden parts of Jae-i’s past are about to make their entrance, and it looks like Gwang-ho’s protective behavior towards her is exactly what surely many […]

Drama Review 'Tunnel – Drama' Episode 8


Grab a hanky and brace for a very personal, very emotional episode of “Tunnel – Drama”. Seon-jae can no longer doubt Gwang-ho’s identity and so our in-the-know duo becomes a trio. In the process of wrapping up a new case, Gwang-ho picks up on Yeon-sook’s trail and finally gets to know her fate. Meanwhile, Jae-i notices […]

Drama First Look 'Mystery Queen'


Get ready for homely hairstyles and crime solving, because the “Mystery Queen” is here to beautifully combine both. The series spends its first four episodes introducing us to our main characters, their current situation as well as the ways in which the investigative part of the plot will progress. Two opinionated people form an unlikely frienemy pair […]

Drama Review 'Saimdang: Light's Diary' Episode 23


While “Saimdang: Light’s Diary” has always suffered from direct comparison to the also currently airing “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People”, the timing this week is especially unfortunate. The latter drama just explicitly made a point about how proper representation of women in the arts is a completely meaningless victory in the context of a political […]

Drama Review 'Whisper' Episode 6


With the addition of time to the list of everything going against Yeong-joo’s efforts in “Whisper”, our heroine is stuck in limbo as our antagonists play their little games. Il-hwan wants to cut Yoo-taek off from Taebaek, but his frienemy has quite the hefty request in return. Meanwhile Jeong-il and Soo-yeon are trapped between their families […]

Drama Review 'Strong Family' Episodes 15-16


The two main conflicts this time are, for episode fifteen, the question of how to best spend vacation time, and for episode sixteen, the question of how to deal with incrementally chaotic financial situations. As is usually the case for “Strong Family”, the conflicts are defined by their relatively minor scope. These are the sorts of […]