Choiza And Sulli’s Agencies Respond To Rumors Surrounding Sulli’s Recent Wrist Injury

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After it was reported on November 24 that Sulli had gone to the emergency room for a wrist injury, various rumors began to circulate about the nature of the injury and Sulli’s relationship with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza.

Although SM Entertainment had already stated that the injury was due to carelessness while at home, there were rumors that it had been a suicide attempt and that her relationship with Choiza was on the rocks.

The Fact even claimed that Sulli had been drunk in the emergency room, citing an unnamed source from the Seoul University Hospital. The unnamed source also said that Sulli had denied any attempted suicide. However, the PR department of that hospital has already released an official statement stating that they cannot give out personal information on patients.

Sulli and Choiza were quick to dispel the wild rumors, with Choiza’s agency Amoeba Culture stating, “There is a rumor going around that Choiza and Sulli’s relationship is on the rocks, but we have not heard anything. This is a personal affair between the two of them so we as a company will not be interfering in it.”

In addition to their earlier statement, SM Entertainment stated, “The two of them are still in a good relationship.”

Sulli also posted a selfie on her personal Instagram and wrote, “I got hurt by accident. I’m sorry for making you worry!” to reassure her fans.

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