Chungha On Why She Decided To Join I.O.I’s Upcoming Reunion

Chungha spoke about the upcoming I.O.I reunion.

On July 2, Chungha sat down with Fact iN Star for an interview. When asked about the I.O.I reunion, she said, “You guys must’ve been surprised. I wasn’t able to tell you beforehand so the news was a surprise. It was honestly news that I had really been waiting for.”

She continued, “Unfortunately, really really unfortunately, we’ll be seeing you with just the nine of us. I thought that this was a rare opportunity. A lot of work goes into gathering the 11 of us. There are a lot of processes required in order to make this possible. I wondered when all of these processes would be done again, and I really wanted to keep the promise I made with our fans.”

She added, “So we’re going to see you again with nine members. We’ll see you with beautiful appearances, so please wait a little bit and cheer us on. I’ll also show you a great appearance both as a solo artist and a member of I.O.I. Please cheer me on.”

On July 3, the singer appeared as a guest on MBC’s “Ji Suk Jin‘s 2 O’Clock Date.”

DJ Ji Suk Jin asked Chungha, “Do you feel pressure about I.O.I’s reunion?” She answered, “The reunion was strictly confidential, so I’m sorry I couldn’t talk about it. People who became my fans after I debuted as a solo artist are surprised. The reunion was something that only my agency CEO knew about. We also learned about the specific details through articles.”

“I don’t feel pressure about the reunion,” said Chungha. “I actually like it even more since they’re members who I promoted in a group with. We’re now working hard to practice, so please look forward to it. I have no comment on the title track.”

Chungha is currently promoting her newest title track “Snapping” and will join I.O.I members for a nine-membered reunion in October.

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