Comedians Disrespects And Hits Busters’ Chaeyeon On Live Broadcast

Comedians Disrespects And Hits Busters' Chaeyeon On Live Broadcast
(Photo : Twitter) Comedians Disrespects And Hits Busters’ Chaeyeon On Live Broadcast

Tok! Tok! Boni Hani hosts Park Dong-geun (38) and Choi Young-soo insulted and hit the 15-year-old Chaeyeon in the show. Dong-geun called her a venomous wench or it can easily be misunderstood as a b*tch. Young-soo, on the other hand, hit the young host on her arms.

Here’s the conversation between Dong-geun and Chaeyeon on the show:

  • PDG: Your breath smells like Listerine.
  • C: It does? Right now?
  • PDG: You’re a sterilized wench (b*tch).
  • C: What?
  • PDG: Hani, you must be happy to be on a broadcast with Boni. Boni is good-looking but you…
  • C: What kind of answer do you want to hear?
  • PDG: You’re a Listerine sterilized b*itch.
  • C: Sterilized what?
  • PDG: Sterilized bitch.
  • C: Bitch?

The problem with the conversation is that, in Korea, the term “sterilized Listerine bitch” is used to describe sex workers as they often use Listerine after they perform oral sex with their customers.

Meanwhile, EBS network explained that the Listerine comment was just a joke. “There’s always Listerine in the casts’ waiting area. Chaeyeon usually rinses her mouth with it before the live broadcast. Those words were just intended to be a joke, neither the producers nor Dong-geun knew that there was a meaning behind it.

EBS officially made a public apology regarding the incident.

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