Dongwoo Talks Proudly About INFINITE’s Impeccable Teamwork, His Goals, And Hopes For A World Tour

On March 15, Star News released their interview with Dongwoo where he shared his thoughts as a singer and member of INFINITE.

“June 9 is our ninth anniversary,” began Dongwoo. “I actually find myself looking at seniors. I think that we’ll also be able to promote for a long time like seniors such as Shinhwa, g.o.d, and Super Junior. I want us to do something special on the day of our anniversary. Whether that’s a radio appearance, fan meeting, or concert, I want to create a special event for INFINITE’s anniversary. Even if some members go to the military, I want the members who haven’t enlisted yet to meet with fans.”

About working with the INFINITE members on their last album, Dongwoo commented, “We worked together for the first time in a while. We had songs that we had always worked on. We recorded some good songs and some that weren’t the best fit for us, but the members’ skills were still the same. Our teamwork is no joke, even though we fought a lot while promoting.”

Continuing to speak about INFINITE’s teamwork, he said, “It’s amazing. I think that INFINITE was a good name for us. Our fans are growing with us step by step. When we had our first fan meeting, we couldn’t even fill 200 seats. But we surpassed 5,000 people, and then 30,000 people. I think we and the fans know about each other’s hard work and efforts. While seeing the growth of our vocals, rap, and dance, I confirmed that it’s our memory and history. I felt once again that I really dedicated my 20s to INFINITE. I want to promote as INFINITE even if I’m born again.”

Dongwoo chose his most memorable moment while promoting as a member of INFINITE. “I remember going to senior artists’ dressing rooms and saying hello over and over again at the beginning of our careers,” said the idol. “And now it feels strange to receive greetings from junior singers. We talked a lot amongst ourselves about what we should do when there are juniors. It makes me think again while promoting and that I need to have good influence as a senior. I also think that I should show good skills during rehearsals and live performances, and I think it’s important to talk more with the juniors.”

He continued, “I haven’t been able to stand on stage at the Gocheok Dome yet. I really want to perform there sometime. I experienced a world tour, but there are many countries I haven’t been to yet. I want to perform in the Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, and see many fans, especially in Turkey and Russia. Many Turkish fans leave comments when I’m holding a live broadcast on V Live.”

Dongwoo concluded, “I think one or two more members might enlist in the military this year. I want to tell the fans to heal their hearts with our albums and videos. Sunggyu will be discharged in about 10 months, and he’ll promote right away. I’m also planning to release an album as soon as I get back, so please wait a little.”

Dongwoo released his debut solo album “Bye” and MVs for “News,” his title track, and “Party Girl” on March 4.

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