Drama Review 'Entourage' Episode 7

Yeong-bin continues to be careless and irresponsible with his career and now So-hee joins in on the behavior giving everyone a headache. Joon and Turtle get themselves in trouble as usual, but they briefly reflect on their situation and life circumstances as well. Meanwhile Eun-gap tries to warn Ho-jin about the possible scandal Yeong-bin’s secret dating can cause while still stressing over co-president Kang’s shady movements in their company.

I do not know why I had hope that Yeong-bin (Seo Kang-joon) would treat his latest sensitive life situation more maturely than he has the previous ones. In retrospect, I should have expected that a person so self-absorbed and careless would not somehow mature for one lover’s sake. Realistically and from a writing point of view, Yeong-bin’s character is consistent. As a viewer, however, I get increasingly tired of following the messy work life of a man-child.

So-hee kissing Yeong-binHo-jin getting frustrated with Yeong-bin's dating shenanigans


What he says to Ho-jin (Park Jeong-min-I) about wanting to give up his career is not shocking at all and I am surprised Ho-jin is taken aback by it. Yeong-bin’s behavior has been making it clear that he is not interested in his work. Even when it comes to the piece of a director he supposedly idolizes, he casually shoves his responsibilities towards the man’s production aside. He seems to have no concept of handling the aftermath of his decisions as an adult.

His character is infuriating, especially when even those we have come to know as cardboard cutouts seem to be more aware of their living conditions. Joon (Lee Gwang-soo) and Turtle (Lee Dong-hwi) are naive and focused on having fun, but this episode shows us a rare moment of admittance from them. They are unemployed idiots who deny reality by playing around and they know it. Joon’s perceptiveness is a nice touch, although the fact that no one else spots an obvious paparazza is highly unrealistic.

Turtle and Joon cat-sitting and having a barbequeEun-gap being moved by Ok-ja's words and tears

At this point in time, Eun-gap (Jo Jin-woong) is the only developing character with a clear subplot. The man is hurt and will no doubt be hurt even more by the mentor he owes his beginnings to. Upon getting a taste of that bitter medicine, he has begun an effort to avoid the mistakes that made him who he is. His growing softness toward Ho-jin is lovely to watch and it moves the story.

Yeong-bin and So-hee’s (Ahn So-hee) scandal as well as a possible battle between Eun-gap and Ok-ja (Choi Myeong-gil) are up next, it seems. I hope we get juicy industry commentary and I will enjoy a good mess, but on the other hand I do hope that the creators either make Yeong-bin a whole person in the following episodes or that they develop the others more.

“Entourage” is directed by Jang Yeong-woo, written by Kwon So-ra and Seo Jae-won and features Jo Jin-woongSeo Kang-joonLee Gwang-sooPark Jeong-min-I and Lee Dong-hwi.


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