EXID’s Hani’s Agency To Take Action Against Personal Threats Made Against Her

EXID’s Hani’s agency is taking legal action with regard to personal threats made against the singer and actress.

On October 15, Sublime Artist Agency released an official statement on Instagram.

Hello, this is Sublime Artist Agency (SAA).

Recently, we have confirmed several instances of comments online in the form of personal threats against Ahn Hee Yeon (Hani). The following is what we are doing to protect our artist.

We have consulted the police and are discussing various appropriate measures to take. We are also discussing the possibility of taking legal action with our law firm.

We have alerted the operators of the foreign websites where the threatening comments were made and we are requesting that they be taken down and that measures be taken against the commenters.

We have reported accounts that tag our artist in hateful photos on social media and will continue to report new accounts as they arise so that these accounts will no longer be operational.

As an agency, we will do our absolute best to protect our artist.

Hani recently appeared in the sci-fi series “SF8”:

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