'Father, I'll Take Care of You” Lee Soo-kyeong cries over break up with Kim Jae-won

Lee Soo-kyeong cried after Kim Jae-won broke up with her.

On the twenty-fifth episode of the MBC weekend drama “Father, I’ll Take Care of You”Lee Hyeon-woo (Kim Jae-won) broke up with Han Jeong-eun (Lee Soo-kyeong).

Lee Hyeon-woo couldn’t bear to watch his long lost brother Han Seong-joon (Lee Tae-hwan) thinking of Han Hyeong-sup (Kim Chang-wan) as his real father and had his last date with Han Jeong-eun. Because he was so strange around her, she asked, “Why are you acting like you’re about to leave me?”


Lee Hyeon-woo said, “I’m leaving for New York. I found Sang-woo and work here is done. I think it’s best my brother lives the way he used to live and I think it’s best I go back to where I came from”.

“I lied to you. I am still running Golden Street. So I can’t be here in Korea anymore”. Han Jeong-eun said, “It’s alright. I don’t care about that. Why can’t you say you’ll be back? Why do you say it like you’re never going to see me again?”

Lee Hyeon-woo kept saying sorry and Han Jeong-eun left her seat. When Hyeon-woo held her arm, she said, “Was I a joke to you? I was serious about everything between us. You are such a bad guy”. Don’t ever let me see you again. I’m going to curse you as much as I loved you”.


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