FIESTAR’s Cao Lu Reveals Offbeat New Year’s Resolution On “Ask Us Anything”

The upcoming January 28 episode of “Ask Us Anything” will feature a “Ladies Who Know Seollal Specials” special!

The show ran a similar special this past Chuseok (Mid-Autumn Festival) with Park Mi Sun, Jo Hye Ryun, Solbi, and Hong Jin Young. These four women will join the show again for the Seollal (Lunar New Year) special, along with Oh Na Mi, FIESTAR’s Cao Lu, and April’s Yoon Chae Kyung.

During the episode, FIESTAR’s Cao Lu reportedly revealed her offbeat New Year’s Resolution of opening her own dumpling shop! She had already made a name for the shop and surprised everyone with her knowledge of which vacant lots were available in Seo Jang Hoon’s building.

Cutely, she asked him if he couldn’t make the rent a little cheaper for her, promising to pay the rent faithfully, and Seo Hang Joon apparently accepted the proposal cheerfully.

Lee Sang Min

Cao Lu then asked Lee Sang Min if he would consider working part-time at her shop on the days he didn’t have anything else scheduled. “I’ll give you a good hourly wage,” she said, to everyone’s laughter.

The episode will air on January 28 at 11 p.m. KST on JTBC.

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