“Fix You” Recap: The Mind is Your Soul

"Fix You" Recap: The Mind is Your Soul
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram) “Fix You” Recap: The Mind is Your Soul

Psychiatrist Shi Joon made his rounds together with his resident doctors. Each day, a new set of diagnoses comes up from his patients.

Woo Joo declined Shi Joon’s offer for counseling. Chief Park called his staff in the psychiatry department for a new case-patient.

Patient Sung Min Ho rushed to the OR due to abdominal pain and traces of solid materials found in his stomach. He ate papers that clogged his gut. Chief Park then gave him a diagnosis that he showed symptoms of PICA, an eating disorder where one craves things that are not food. His actions arose due to his depression and a high level of anxiety.

Shi Joon met his resident doctors and discussed Sung’s case. The patient encountered the issue due to his father’s treatment of him. 
Woo Joo failed to get through any auditions due to the recent scandal. She went to her friend Ji Seon’s food shop to work as a cashier. Her temper outburst when a customer gave a nasty comment about her arrest due to a drinking issue. Shi Joon and his team of doctors at the shop witnessed the incident. Woo Joo and Shi Joon pushed the man hard and fainted. 

Shi Joon’s dad is treated in a nursing home facility. He is a great doctor and achieved many awards, but he suffered mild memory loss. Shi Joon received an emergency call to search from his father, who escaped the facility. They found him, and he was informed that his conditions were still the same. Shi Joon felt bad seeing his father’s life was not the same when he used to be well.

Woo Joo applied to work in the hospital where Shi Joon offered to her as a “stage therapy” to other patients. 

Sung Min encountered Woo Joo in their stage therapy with Shi Joon and the other doctors. They worked up Sung Min’s feelings to rise and expressed who he felt towards his father. In the end, Sung Min cried hard as he lamented his disappointment towards his dad. For the first time, Sung Min released the deepest pain he felt for a long time. 

Shi Joon’s analysis: people who hurt each other are usually not strangers. Like family, lovers, and friends. A human brain has 100 billion nerve cells, and the neurotransmitters from them alter our conscious state. Adrenaline is secreted when we are stressed.

Oxytocin strengthens our bond with others. Dopamine wakes us up, and GABA calms us down. How do these transmitters come to be? They come from feelings. So, the mind is the soul. 

Sung Min visited his father together with Shi Joon. Shi Joon encouraged Sung Min to express his feelings in front of his dad. The progress was good, and Shi Joon advised him that they will start to do it often and follow on with his treatments.

Woo Joo joined another session of stage therapy with Dr. In’s for patients under treatment. He lost his temper when they talked about the privileges of having a mother. Woo Joo was adopted at the age of six years old to 12 years old. Since then, she left her mother and lived on her own. She felt sad and missed the lady who adopted her. She asked Shi Joon to be treated as a patient for the coming days.   

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