“Fix You” Recap: Woo Joo Feels Something Special About Her Psychiatrist

"Fix You" Recap: Woo Joo Feels Something Special About Her Psychiatrist
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram) “Fix You” Recap: Woo Joo Feels Something Special About Her Psychiatrist

Woo Joo is furious as she faces Young Won and confronts her about letting Shi Joon treat her without her permission. Woo Joo is convinced that Shi Joon likes her and not just his patient.

Young Won called Shi Joon and told him that Woo Joo is now fixated with him. Shi Joon calmed Young Won and assured her that things will be fine with Woo Joo.

Shi Joon went to do his podcast schedule as “Soul Repairman.” Woo Joo listened to him attentively. She missed him the whole day, and hearing his voice makes her happy.

Mr. Ko decided to stop his treatment at the hospital and continue with the hearing while his “tic disorder” is not yet treated. He believes in Shi Joon’s advice that his “tic” will disappear by facing his fears and accepting his failures. Director Jo is angry about why Shi Joon let Mr. Ko discharge from his treatment earlier than plan.

Dr. In has problems with the train drivers, as they never visit the hospital for panic disorder consultations. Shi Joon offered to go to the subway and talk to the drivers. Dr. In agreed, and he went to Dr. Oh to inform them what they planned to do. Woo Joo met Shi Joon on his way out of the hospital. He quickly told her that stage therapy is canceled. He left Woo Joo standing at the lobby while he ran towards the exit door. Woo Joo felt disappointed as Shi Joon did not show her any importance.

Just in time, Shi Joon took the subway and talked to one of the drivers who suffered from a panic attack at that moment. Shi Joon used the control phone to calm the driver and advise him that they are outside the control room waiting for him to finish the trip.

Meanwhile, Woo Joo waited in the hospital for Shi Joon’s return. She wished to talk to him and felt how she felt. Shi Joon invited her to speak at the hospital garden. Woo Joo told him how she felt after he just went out without her. She felt neglected earlier. Shi Joon advised her that things are different as they think. He told Woo Joo that he is happy to see her, and he is also a patient that finds solace as he treats his patients.

Dr. Oh told director Jo that Shi Joon is dating Woo Joo, which ignites more of her dislike with Joon. Dr. Oh mentioned that he saw Shi Joon linking arms with Woo Joo on their way out of the hospital. Dr. In tried to explain that it’s a gesture of friendship.

Dr. Park advises Shi Joon to stay away from Woo Joo and be careful of how the patient’s feeling. Shi Joon argued that he doesn’t want to embarrass Woo Joo when she linked her arms. It was only a friendly gesture.

Director Jo has a different judgment, and she asked Shi Joon to stop the stage therapy with Woo Joo and take out all the medical fundings that he does. They were not aware that Woo Joo overheard them while she stood outside the office. She comes to see Shi Joon for her appointment. Shi Joon went outside and saw her. Woo Joo gave him a lunch box she prepared that day. Although he tried to comfort her, Woo Joo pretends to smile and walk away.

Shi Joon decided to face his fears and meet Woo Joo even if she is fixated with him.

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