Former RAINZ Member Kim Seong Ri Halts Solo Promotions Due To Health Issues

Former RAINZ member and solo artist Kim Seong Ri has put an early halt to his promotions for his new mini album.

On May 16, C2K Entertainment stated, “Kim Seong Ri has been experiencing pain in his pelvis since the evening of May 2. He went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a pelvic sprain. As he continued to experience mild pain, he received treatment from an orthopedics clinic and a traditional acupuncture and herbal clinic while carrying out his busy schedule, which included music shows, radio shows, and interviews.”

The agency continued, “He was able to go to interviews and perform on stage with treatment from the orthopedics clinic and painkillers, but the pain grew worse and it was decided that he should be admitted to the hospital for treatment. A thorough medical examination revealed that there was a problem with the L4-L5 disc in his lower spine and that was what was causing the pain in his pelvis and hips.

The statement concluded, “As a result, we are wrapping up promotions for Kim Seong Ri’s mini album, ‘First, Love.’ We plan to concentrate on our artist’s treatment and promise to fulfill our duty in this regard.”

Kim Seong Ri made his solo debut with “First, Love” and title track “That’s You” on April 15.

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