Girls’ Generation, BTS, And Psy Highlighted In Billboard’s “100 Songs That Defined The Decade” List

BTS, Girls’ Generation, and Psy were celebrated by Billboard as a part of their “100 Songs that Defined the Decade” list for the 2010s.

On November 21, Billboard released their list of 100 songs that they believe helped shape the music industry from 2010 to 2019. They described the songs on the list as, “the songs that shaped and reflected the music and culture of the 2010s. Not all of them defined the decade at its best, but for better or worse, it’s close to impossible for us to imagine the decade without them.”

The entries were listed by alphabetical order of artist names, and three songs by Korean artists made the list. BTS’s “I Need U,” Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy,” and Psy’s “Gangnam Style” all made the list as having helped shaped the decade.

With regards to BTS’s “I Need U,” Tamar Herman wrote,”The act’s first runaway success, ‘I Need U’ laid the groundwork for what was to come, thematically, creatively, and musically, and served as a launching pad for the late-decade rise of BTS as harbingers of a more globalized music scene.

She also described Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” as setting the standard for genre-blending and musical experimentalism as she wrote, “Overall, ‘I Got a Boy’ showed the world what a little ingenuity could do without being hampered not only by genre limitations, but also by perceptions of an individual act’s artistic identity.

Also on the list was Psy’s “Gangnam Style, which became the first music video in the world to reach one billion views on YouTube. Caitlin Kelley described it as, “The game irrevocably changed when it came to international crossovers. Suddenly, Korean-language music was not only on the general public’s radar, it launched a full-blown takeover.”

Which other songs do you believe helped define the last decade?

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