Gong Yoo And Kang Dong Won’s Family Ties Resurface With Rising Popularity Of “Goblin”

With tvN’s “Goblin” booming in popularity, an interesting family connection between Gong Yoo and another popular actor has recently resurfaced.

The most recent episode of MBN’s “Furnace” was a special episode focusing on Gong Yoo, discussing rumors, unknown facts, and other stories about the famous actor.

One of the more interesting topics that came up is that Gong Yoo is related by marriage to fellow actor Kang Dong Won.

Kang Dong Won Gong Yoo 2

An interview that Kang Dong Won did back in 2007 was referenced as he had said, “Gong Yoo and I are related by marriage, and our families are quite close. Our grandfathers were friends from a young age, and they brought our families together.” It is said that being close friends, the two grandfathers decided their children should get married to each other, leading to this connection between the two actors.

Gong Yoo has also mentioned the familial ties in the past. On the day that Kang Dong Won enlisted in the military, Gong Yoo was holding an interview for his movie “Finding Mr. Destiny.” During the event, the actor stated, “He called me recently to tell me that he’s enlisting. I didn’t know the specific date, so I had no idea he was enlisting today. I feel bad that I didn’t buy him a meal before he left.”

Kang Dong Won Gong Yoo

The two are said to have learned of their family connections in 2004, and have since casually brought up the fact at various public events.

Do you know of any other surprising family ties between celebrities? Share them with us!

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