Hyun Bin Scenes That Made Our Hearts Flutter In “Crash Landing On You”

3 scenes of Hyun Bin Made that made our hearts Flutter In “Crash Landing On You”
(Photo : instagram) 3 scenes of Hyun Bin Made that made our hearts Flutter In “Crash Landing On You”

It’s undeniable that everyone agrees that Hyun Bin playing the role of Ri Jung Hyuk has been capturing our hearts in the mega-hit series “Crash Landing on You.” His handsome face, his intense looks, and his manly charm have been giving the viewers the butterfly feelings that it feels overwhelming to wait for the next episodes.

Right now, the series is already halfway through, so it makes the perfect time to pay some respect to all the scenes that Hyun Bin made our hearts flutter so far. It is already given that every time he’s on-screen, the viewers’ hearts begin to beat fast. However, these moments were extra heart-fluttering.

Warning: some minor spoilers for the drama are mentioned along the way!

The time when Hyun Bincracksa smile after first seeing Ye Jin

In this drama, Hyun Bin plays Ri Jung Hyuk, the righteous and very adorable North Korean soldier.
He is the very first person to come across Yoon Se Ri, portrayed by Son Ye Jin when she had an accident in her paragliding and ends up landing into North Korea. Even though Ri Jung Hyuk is not all too impressed by her flirtatious behavior, it is later on revealed in the chapter of the series that he is somewhat falling for her.

He is infatuated with her from the very beginning and eventually falls in love with her! The additional scene at the end of the first episode was one of the best! Discovering that he has been interested in her from the moment he laid his eyes on her.

The scented candle scene

When Yoon Se Ri finds out that she will have to spend more than 24 hours in North Korea, she made a lot of requests since she is quite a vain type of woman. And she can hardly stand being away from her beloved skincare products, shampoo/conditioner, and of course, her most favorite scented candles. This was the reason behind her asking for asks Jung Hyuk if he has any of them on hand in his house which he doesn’t have any.

He looked annoyed at the start but eventually at that same night shows up carrying with a bag full of different skincare products, shampoo, conditioner, and lets her choose from it. Who wouldn’t want to keep this guy? And surprisingly he also brings her the scented candle! OMG right? He is just more willing to do whatever it takes for her and we are so loving it!

The scene where Jung Hyuk acts like Yoon Se Ri’s bodyguard

There was a scene where Yoon Se Ri and Jung Hyuk went to Pyongyang via train and he just doesn’t want to let her out of his sight. Jung Hyuk is so overprotective of her and keeps his eyes watching constantly on her. So the moment when Goo Seung Joon played by Kim Jung Hyun carries off with Yoon Se Ri into an elevator, Ri Jung Hyuk quickly stopped him from taking her away.

Seeing Hyun Bin as Ri Jung Hyuk wearing his uniform made me feel so contented but then when he made this scene of being so protective over Yoon Se Ri, this is where it made him even more irresistible. What is it about a knight in shining armor that makes people feel so secure and protected?

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