“Introvert Boss” looks super cute in new teaser

“Introvert Boss”, the latest romcom from cable network tvN pits Yeon Woo-jin as an introverted boss against Park Hye-soo as his extroverted subordinate. Cue the workplace hijinks!

“Introvert Boss” is the latest from the writing and directing team behind 2014 comedy “Marriage Over Love“, which also featured Yeon Woo-jin as the lead. In the latest teaser, he plays Eun Hwan-ki, who is so socially awkward that he runs away instead of confronting his gossipy subordinates. Meanwhile, Chae Ro-woon, played by Park Hye-soo, isn’t shy about defending herself from her sunbaes.


It looks like a fun match-up with a fun premise, as Ro-woon is actually on a secret quest for revenge on the hapless Hwan-ki. I’m not a fan of revenge plots, so the idea of a revenge comedy sounds pretty appealing; I’ll be checking it out on January 17, 2017 when it premieres. Here’s hoping the show turns out as entertaining as the teaser.


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