“Itaewon Class” The Finale Recap

Episode 16: "Itaewon Class" The Finale Recap
(Photo : twitter, Instagram) Episode 16: “Itaewon Class” The Finale Recap

Episode 16 of “Itaewon Class” started where Park Sae-ro-yi kneeled in front of Chairman Dae Hee. He was asking for the address of Geun-Won where his friends had been taken. Before the chairman handed the paper, he laughed at Sae Ro-Yi and mentioned all this time no one overpowers Jangga Co. Sae-ro-yi looked at him and stood up and told the chairman how pathetic his actions were for hurting people just to win. Sae-ro-yi left the place and hurriedly went to the site.

Outside the warehouse, Geun-Soo fought alone and fell in pain. Yi-Seo, on the other hand, was running for her life. Geun-Won stopped the men from taking his brother’s life and instructed them to go after Yi-Seo. The men drove the car with Geun-Won and went after the woman.

On the other side, Sae-ro-yi arrived and advised Seung-Kwon to go straight and hit Geun-Won’s car. Both cars hit hard and the engines stopped. Yi-Seo saw Sae-ro-yi and ran towards him. Seung-Kwon told them to run away, telling them that he would take care of the gang himself. Sae-ro-yi took Yi-Seo away as they fled the area. Geun-Won saw them and started the car engine and drove fast after Sae-ro-yi and Yi-Seo. As Geun-Won reached them, Sae-ro-yi faced him. Then, a brawl ensued. Geun-Won fell and collapsed. 

Yi-Seo met the police as they arrived at the scene and they helped Sae-ro-yi recover, while Geun-Won is sent to prison for the kidnapping.

Soo-Ah headed to the police and gave evidence of the illegal acts committed by Jangga Co. The investigators then filed a case and the media made headlines. Chairman Dae Hee instructed Geun-Soo to find ways and look for money. Jangga Co was then on the verge of bankruptcy since investors backed out due to the scandal. Geun-Soo told his father that IC Co. owned by Sae-ro-yi was willing to buy as they bid. 

All the investors declined to help Chairman Dae Hee. If no one would help him, Jangga Co would dissolve. He went to visit Sae-ro-yi in DanBam and asked for his help. Sae-ro-yi cooked a hot Tofu stew and served the chairman. Sae-ro-yi looked at him as he ate the food. He then told Sae-ro-yi to help him with the needed money. He stood up and kneeled at Sae-ro-yi. He began crying, asked for forgiveness and regretted all the things he did for him and his family. Sae-ro-yi told him to stand up and told him that he is willing to do business with him.

During the stakeholder’s meeting, the host called Sae-ro-yi to the stage for a message. IC Co won the bidding and will take over Jangga Co.

Yi-Seo and Sae-ro-yi became more closer as they worked together. Slowly, he opened his feelings and expressed his love for Yi-Seo. 

Soo-Ah now owns a restaurant that Yi-Seo wanted to check out. As Soo-Ah welcomed her, Yi-Seo decided not to get inside and walked away. Soo-Ah returned inside to interview a new chef. As the aspiring applicant faced her, Soo-Ah was surprised to see how good looking he is. After the chef presented his dish to Soo-Ah for tasting, Soo-Ah was happy and hired him right away.

Yi-Seo met Sae-ro-yi in his office and asked him if they could go out for a walk. They visited Itaewon street and took pictures together. The night ended as Sae-ro-yi gave Yi-Seo a loving kiss. They laughed and held hands.

In DanBam, the whole friends gathered at the rooftop and happily sang a song together. Sae-ro-yi smiled with joy and looked at Yi-Seo.  

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