Jang Nara’s Unforgettable Moments in “Oh My Baby” To Date

Jang Nara's Unforgettable Moments in "Oh My Baby" To Date
(Photo : instagram) Jang Nara’s Unforgettable Moments in “Oh My Baby” To Date

Viewers can’t get enough of Jang Nara’s funny and emotional side in her new drama, “Oh My Baby.”

“Oh My Baby” tells a story of a woman who is willing to disrupt the rules of marriage before pregnancy as she wants to skip the part of getting hitched to have a baby first. Surprisingly, three men come into her life. This new series brings a funny yet also emotional trope.
Here are the five most memorable scenes in the drama. Watch out for SPOILERS!

Let’s start off with the collar grabbing in the elevator. In the third episode of “Oh My Baby,” during the time where people, including Jang Ha Ri and Choi Kang Eu, were riding the elevator, Choi Kang Eu kept calling Jang Ha Ri “Auntie,” which Jang Ha Ri thought was offensive. Later on, as the people except the two left the elevator, Jang Ha Ri grabbed the collar of Choi Kang Eu and reprimanded him that there are no “Aunties” here where they work, there are only superiors and subordinates. Viewers then admired Jang Ha Ri’s character.

Our second favorite brings us to Jang Ha Ri’s kick over a laundry trick. Not only Choi Kang Eu was able to experience the wrath of Jang Ha Ri, but also Yoon Jae Young, who is portrayed by Park Byung Eun. Yoon Jae Young decided to hide his laundry over Jang Ha Ri’s laundry so that Jang Ha Ri can also wash them for him.

Jang Ha Ri, after finding it out, made her blood boil. So, she kicked his face and told him off. This was one of the many scenes of Jang Ha Ri overpowering men, and it is unquestionably impressive and hilarious at the same time.

Our third favorite scene is when Jang Ha Ri became emotional in the park. Jang Nara’s portrayal of Jang Ha Ri is so perfect, especially in scenes where she gets emotional and handles the trials of a woman in her 40s. In this scene, she broke into tears after arguing with her mother. This sad moment made viewers want to cry, too.

Last but definitely not least is when Jang Ha Ri shared her honest, innermost thoughts. In the fourth episode, she was able to talk about a controversial topic: sperm donation. This was during a “The Mom Launching Ceremony.” Having to mention such a subject matter caused her to get negative responses, which she handled beautifully. She was able to respond to the negative comments by saying that she understood the negative reaction, yet she herself thought that she knew a lot about mothers since she met a number of them.

But then, she realized that she did not actually know a lot. She added that she wants to know how moms feel and sympathize with them. Her honest response made the angry supporters calm and reached sincerity to their hearts.

Viewers can watch “Oh My Baby” every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 p.m. KST.

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