Jessi Responds To Controversy Regarding Her Airport Fashion

Jessi has responded to backlash regarding her outfit at the airport.

On September 20, Jessi flew out to Thailand to attend the upcoming event “K-Crush Concert.” When photos of her at the airport were released online, Jessi became a topic of conversation with some people arguing that her outfit, an oversized white t-shirt and black shorts, was too revealing. Some also questioned if Jessi was only wearing underwear.

In response, Jessi posted a video on her Instagram. In the video, Jessi clarifies that she was wearing pants and that they are “legging shorts.” Jessi also thanks her fans in Thailand for welcoming her warmly.

Jessi is currently preparing to release a new single on September 23. This will be her first single since last summer’s “Down,” as well as her first release since joining P NATION.

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