Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun Nearly Uncover The Truth in “Alice”

Joo Won And Kim Hee Sun Is Near In Uncovering the Truth In SBS’s “Alice”

(Photo : SBS)

The ongoing time travel theme drama of SBS network titled Alice has released some interesting still of their upcoming episode!

[Warning! There will be Spoilers in this article!]

In the drama’s previous episode, Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) got into a car accident, and the car exploded. However for an unknown reason, she was transported back in the year 2010 where she ended up at Park Jin Gyeom’s (Joo Won) house. There she was able to meet and come face to face with Park Jin Gyeom’s mother, Park Sun Young (Kim Hee Sun), and recover her memories.

Yoon Tae Yi was also able to meet the high school version of Park Jin Gyeom, where she finds it strange that he didn’t seem like the Park Jin Gyeom she knows in the year 2020.

Joo Won And Kim Hee Sun Is Near In Uncovering the Truth In SBS’s “Alice”

(Photo : SBS)

Moving forward, in the newly released sneak peek of the drama’s next episode, we can witness Park Jin Gyeom, who is furiously looking for Yoon Tae Yi. He’s feeling anxious because Yoon Tae Yi suddenly disappeared without a trace whatsoever. He even checked different cars near the accident but was unable to see her. Then an unexpected thing happened to Park Jin Gyeom. He fainted with a bleeding nose! The drama’s production team agreed that the final chapter of “The Book of Prophecy” will be revealed in this next episode.

As seen in the photo released, Yoon Tae Yi looks pale and distracted as he discovers the prophecy’s truth. In the center of the said prophecy is linked to her, who recently regained her memory, Park Jin Gyeom, who is desperate to hunt down the criminal who killed his mother, and Park Sun Young, who kept both their secrets a long time. The big question now is, what fate do you think awaits for Yoon Tae Yi and Park Jin Gyeom?

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Joo Won And Kim Hee Sun Is Near In Uncovering the Truth In SBS’s “Alice”

(Photo : SBS)

Tune in to the next episode of “Alice” on October 16 at 10:00 p.m. KST!

Alice will tell the story about a man and a woman who becomes separated forever because of death, but they meet once again like magic. Actor Joo Won will portray Park Jin-Gyeom, who is an emotionless man who works as a detective. During his investigation of a mysterious case, he was able to discover the existence of time travelers. These time travelers can visit the present day from the future through the space named “Alice.”

Park Jin Gyeom does his best to stop negative effects from the time-traveling space ‘Alice.’ He eventually meets Yoon Tae-Yi (Kim Hee-Seon) once again, who died in the past. Park Jin Gyeom strongly believes that their reunion is brought upon by fate.

Yoon Tae Yi’s character is a smart and knowledgeable physicist who holds the key to time travel. While trying to uncover the secret of time traveling with Park Jin Gyeom, she slowly finds a secret behind her past.

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