“Joseon Survival” Searching For Actor To Replace Kang Ji Hwan

Huayi Brothers Korea has released an update on plans for “Joseon Survival.”

Earlier this week, Kang Ji Hwan was arrested on charges of sexual assault. Follow his arrest, his agency Huayi Brothers Korea, which is also in charge of the drama’s production, announced that he would be canceling all scheduled activities to cooperate with police investigations. The actor’s currently-airing drama “Joseon Survival” also announced that it would be cancelling this week’s episode and not air any reruns.

On July 11, Huayi Brothers Korea released an official statement about the future of “Joseon Survival.”

Here is the full statement below:

Hello. This is Huayi Brothers Korea, the production company for TV Chosun’s ‘Joseon Survival’.

Actor Kang Ji Hwan, who played Han Jung Rok, has dropped out of the drama.

We are currently looking for an actor to replace his role, and we are doing our best to ensure smooth broadcasting.

We are sorry to all of the viewers who supported ‘Joseon Survival,’ and we will be back on air as soon as possible.

It was revealed earlier in the day that the Gwangju Police Station of Gyeonggi Province has requested a pretrial detention warrant for Kang Ji Hwan.

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