K-pop Spotify Awards 2020 Nomination

K-pop Spotify Awards 2020 Nomination
(Photo : Twitter) K-pop Spotify Awards 2020 Nomination

People all over the world have been searching for fresh and aesthetic forms of media to express themselves or merely to bask in the beauty of it.

Pieces of art, film, and music have been a source of self-expression and a way to relieve stress. One foreign bit of culture that has been listened to and appreciated by a massive amount of people is called K-pop, short for Korean pop music. It has not only changed the music industry but it has showcased a novelty, an aesthetic art for showing music in a creative music video.

Almost all the people in different parts of the world love K-pop and it has surely won the interest of everybody. Korean culture has intensely boosted its number of viewers. One factor would include the multiple platforms that are saturated with all Korean Popular culture such as Netflix, Youtube, and most especially, for Korean pop music, Spotify. Billions of listeners on Spotify listen to K-pop and it is a very much-appreciated art.

That is why, in 2020, the biggest music streaming platform, Spotify, has declared all the nominees for the K-pop Spotify Awards. To give our appreciation and love for our K-pop idols we contribute by nominating and voting for all our K-pop music idols that have affected our lives and have touched the hearts of many.

Side by side with Turner Latin America, The award show will be held in Mexico City on March 5, 2020. According to Spotify’s press release, the award show will be held in Mexico city because most global listeners on Spotify are from Mexico.

If you are interested to give love and vote for your favorite artists or k-pop idols, you can vote by just simply listening to the songs that you want to vote for in the streaming app. User-generated data will be used to award the nominees. Therefore the listeners on Spotify will be a big factor in judging the awarding.

This is something to be excited and thrilled about because the winners will truly be deserving and finally, an award show that speaks to what the people really listen to.

The nominees for the K-pop Spotify Awards in 2020 are as follows. Kill This Love by Black Pink, Make It Right (feat. Lauv) by BTS, Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) by BTS, Me & You by EXID, Love Shot by EXO, You Calling My Name by GOT7, Lullaby by GOT7, LOVE SCENARIO by iKON, HIP by MAMAMOO, gogobebe by MAMAMOO, Follow by Monsta X, SOMEONE’S SOMEONE by MONSTA X, Fear by SEVENTEEN, Feel Special by TWICE, Fake & True by TWICE.

All the nominees listed above are such tough contenders! It will surely be a thrilling and exciting time for all Koreaboos! So for all K-pop fanatics out there, please send love to all our favorite Korean idols and artists by streaming and listening to the listed songs you are in favor of above. All we can say is, 어서! 어서! and vote vote vote!

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