Kang Daniel’s Name Applied For Trademark By A Third Party + Lawyer And Agency Respond

A third party has applied to trademark Kang Daniel’s name.

As reported by YTN Star on April 9, an unidentified individual “A,” who lives in Gwangju, applied to trademark his name stylized as “KANG DANIEL” in English on March 15.

“A” registered to trademark the name for Class 9 (virtual reality game software, interactive video game programs, online game programs, etc.) and Class 41 (performing event business, entertainment service business, event planning business, etc.).In response to the reports, Kang Daniel’s lawyer commented, “It is not anyone of our party who applied to trademark Kang Daniel’s name. We are internally working on figuring out what kind of action to take such as filing an appeal to the Korean Intellectual Property Office.”

Previously, it was revealed that LM Entertainment registered to trademark Yoon Ji Sung’s name.

However, in response to this situation, Kang Daniel’s agency LM Entertainment denied involvement, commenting, “We are currently unable to apply for trademarks related to Kang Daniel. As we are in conflict with Kang Daniel’s side, our management related to his entertainment activities has been completely suspended.” The agency added, “‘A’ is not anyone of our party. We do not know who this person is.”

Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment are currently in conflict as the artist submitted a request for an injunction against the agency. The original date for questioning at court was set to be April 5 but has been delayed.

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