Kim Hee Ae Predicts Kim So Hye Will Be A Top Actress In The Future

Kim Hee Ae had nothing but praise for Kim So Hye during the press conference for upcoming movie “Moonlit Winter.”

“Moonlit Winter” is a romance film about Yoon Hee (Kim Hee Ae), who receives a letter from her first love and begins to search for the memories she had forgotten. Kim So Hye will play Yoon Hee’s daughter Sae Bom.

Producing director (PD) Im Dae Hyung shared, “Kim So Hye has been in a one-episode drama, and seeing her act in web dramas, I wanted to work with her. I met her during the audition, and compared to the other actors, she prepared so hard that the script was completely packed with her notes. I was very charmed by that. I loved the way she worked hard on the film set, too. Her character came out well.”

Kim Hee Ae also praised, “Kim So Hye came so perfectly prepared that she didn’t have to look at the script. She made the lines into hers. I wished I really had a daughter like her. She played her role in such a loving way.”

Kim So Hye commented, “When I first met Kim Hee Ae sunbaenim (senior), I was nervous and thought she was someone who was far away from me, but that thought disappeared during the first shoot. Since it was my first movie, I was very nervous, but she made me feel relaxed. When we went into filming, she concentrated hard and led me through. I was able to follow naturally.”

To that, Kim Hee Ae added, “She said she was nervous, but I had no idea. She was confident, and if anything, I learned a lot from her. At this rate, I think she will become an actor that represents the generation.” Then she joked to her on-screen daughter, “You can’t forget your mom then.”

“Moonlit Winter” will premiere in November.

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