Kim Hye-soo’s Transformation in Hyena Astonished the Viewers

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Kim Hye-soo’s transformation in Hyena astonished the viewers.

In the SBS new Friday-Saturday drama which aired on the 21st, Kim Hye-soo played Jung Geum Ja which is a heartless lawyer whose only goal is to gain money.

Meanwhile, Song & Kim partner lawyer Yoon Hee-jae is played by Ju Ji-hoon. The two meets in the laudry shop where Hee-jae thought to be fate, little did he know it was all part of Geum Ja’s plan.

One day the power went out in the laundry shop and the two got the chance to talk with each other. Kim Hee-sun said, “I like to come here this time because of quiet. If I get you in your way, you would do better to avoid this hour. I’m sorry that I am saying this to you.” After that she leaves but she left her book for Yoon Hee-jae to see.

At that time, Kim Hee-sun came back soaked in the rain. Yoon Hee Jae said, “If you don’t mind, you can take my umbrella.” Kim Hee-sun didn’t accept the offer.

Yoon Hee-jae then received information from his high school classmate Shim Yu-mi played by Huang-bora that she was the high school senior Kim Hee-sun. Yun Hee-jae became interested and attended the Kyung-sun High Alumni Association to meet her.

I will only ask once. Let’s go out together.” Kim Hee-sun said, “Are you always that straightforward? Let’s go.

The two drank a glass of wine and had a conversation about the book.  As they neared, they became lovers. However, Kim Hee-sun, who Hee-jae loved, was actually Jung Geum Ja. He was surprised to see the face of the opposite lawyer in court, because it was the same as Kim Hee-sun. She was also wearing the watch that he gave her. Yoon Hee Jae was confused.

Jung Geum Ja, not Kim Hee-sun, boasted charisma as a lawyer. Jung Geum Ja shows another evidence at the court and it turns the situation of divorce and parental rights. The letter, which was about the plaintiff’s mental state, was sneaked out of Yun’s tablet PC. I’ve been doing all the operations three months ago.

When Yun Hee-jae came out of the court and asked, “Hey, why did you do that? I would like to know the reason why?” Jung Geum Ja handed him a business card saying, “To make money.”

Hyena is a drama about lawyers biting each other to survive like hyenas with the court. It airs every Friday and Saturday at 10 PM KST. You can watch it at Netflix for reruns and new episodes weekly.

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