Kim Sun Ah Talks About Upcoming Drama And Why She Became An Actress

Kim Sun Ah Talks About Upcoming Drama And Why She Became An Actress
(Photo : Twitter) Kim Sun Ah Talks About Upcoming Drama And Why She Became An Actress

Kim Sun Ah talked about “Secret Boutique” and her acting career life. 

The drama will revolve around the life of Jenny Jang (Kim Sun Ah). Watch Jenny transform from a plain bathhouse employee to a glamorous and powerful lobbyist. This drama tells about her journey to success and women who dream for power, revenge and survive in this world.

The pictorial shoot was held on Bali. Kim Sun Ah’s appearance looked more natural and calm than her character in “Secret Boutique”. She was wearing outerwear, knits, and modern accessories in order to show her fashionista look. She looks beautiful with her classy pose and elegant smile.

She sat down for an interview after her pictorial. Kim Sun Ah then shared, “The reason I chose to star in this drama was that I respect and trust director Park Hyung Ki with all my heart.” She trusted the director when he told her to cut her hair and change her hair color for Jenny Jang’s brave charms. She worked with director Park Hyung Ki in “Scent of A Woman”.  She said the female character that led the “Secret Boutique” caught her attention. She said the spectrum of actresses will develop more in this kind of genre. She said this is a new genre and an unforgettable drama for her.

She described Jenny Jang as a pathetic and gloomy person who hides her true self to be able to take revenge.  She compared her characters in the present and previous dramas. She said Park Bok Ja and Woo Ah Jin’s chemistry was amazing in ‘Woman of Dignity’. She said the chemistry of Jenny Jang and the ladies of Deo Group is more unique and interesting. Park Bo Ja was Kim Sun Ah’s best character in the drama.

She was asked about her career as an actress. Kim Sun Ah shared, “It allows me to be a different person in a short amount of time. Through this, I am able to learn things. It may seem strange but each character that I play actually teaches me something. I also want to do my best each time so I can keep on improving my skills as an actress.” She wants to try new things and grab plenty of opportunities in acting. She wants to improve her acting skills and show the viewers that she can take different kinds of roles. She thinks fans will love watching various genres. She is thankful for the support she is receiving from her fans.

Kim Sun Ah’s pictorial and interview will be featured in Grazia magazine’s December issue. 

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