“Kkondae Intern” Premiere: “Come At Me, World! Fight Me.” – Ga Yeol Chan

"Kkondae Intern" Premiere: "Come At Me, World! Fight Me." - Ga Yeol Chan
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram) “Kkondae Intern” Premiere: “Come At Me, World! Fight Me.” – Ga Yeol Chan

Ga Yeol Chan is an intern in the marketing department. As a fresh graduate, he wishes to establish his career and get permanent work in the future. 

He reports to the general manager Lee Man Sic who is a “Kkondae” in treating his staff, and most especially, an intern like him. “Kkondae” is a slang word for old people or teachers, which means a person who forces others to accept their old fashioned beliefs regardless of how old they are.

Yeol Chan tried his best to perform and work hard in the department, but Man Sic treats him indifferently. He does odd errands and gets shameful treatment in front of his colleagues. 

Yeol Chan works hard to provide a good life to his mother at an old age and still accepts work in a food shop. 

Man Sic sent Yeol Chan to meet and talk to an old restaurant owner who sued the company for stealing a recipe that he inherited from his ancestors. Man Sic is responsible for getting the recipe from the man. The old man lost the case and threatened to kill himself.

Yeol Chan visited the old man and saved him from hanging himself inside his shop. Before Yeol Chan left the place, the man cooked him a delicious rice noodle soup for dinner.

The next day, Yeol Chan learned that the old man continues to commit suicide after losing his business. The company made formal investigations about the man and hid the case from the public. They kept Man Sic in position and advised him to let Yeol Chan stay unless he forced himself to resign. 

Man Sic continues to treat Yeol Chan with disrespect until he threw food and soup, staining his suit. Yeol Chan’s mother saw the incident as she works part-time in the food shop. Yeol Chan resigned from the Ongol company after the incident.

It was a depressing time for Yeol Chan. He almost took his own life until he heard his mother’s message of love and comfort. He promised himself then that he will work hard and survive from the sad experience.

Five years later, Yeol Chan became the general manager of Joonsoo Food corporation. He leads the marketing department and boosts the revenue of the company. He received an award from the Korean trade industry for their 200 million exports in one of their spicy chicken ramyeon. The chairman of the company admired Yeol Chan for leading his team and making good products. 

Yeol Chan practices a good working environment for his staff. He treats them well with respect and supports them with every task even if they go for vacation or family matters.

Meanwhile, Man Sic chose to resign from his job as the director. He cannot accept the transfer that the management gave him to handle the warehouse in a remote area. He tried to apply, but with his age and fewer skills, no job matched his qualifications. He opted to work as a security guard to earn a living.

Another obstacle Yeol Chan faces is the only son, Jun Soo, of the chairman of Joonson company. Jun Soo wanted to find a bad record and eliminate Yeol Chan because of jealousy. They found Man Sic with Yeol Chan’s past intern experience.

The day arrived where Yeol Chan will get his new interns for the department. To his surprise, Lee Man Sic came into the office and introduced himself as one of the interns.   

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