“Kkondae Intern” Recap: Lee Man Sic Works Hard As A Senior Intern

"Kkondae Intern" Recap: Lee Man Sic Works Hard As A Senior Intern
(Photo : Twitter, Instagram) “Kkondae Intern” Recap: Lee Man Sic Works Hard As A Senior Intern

Yeol Chan was confused about getting two interns, one of which he didn’t choose and a senior intern. The senior intern is Man Sic, the reason that he almost took his own life five years ago.

Director Ahn and Namgoong will bring Man Sic in the marketing department. They plan to stop Yeol Chan from getting a CEO position in the upcoming board meeting, and they believe that Man Sic will put Yeol Chan down with his “Kkondae” personality.

Yeol Chan advised Man Sic that he will not be easy on him while in the department. He will be treated the same as the other younger interns. 

Man Sic decided to accept the job since he believed that a big company like Joonson would be better than working as a security guard. 

Yeol Chan decided a mentor-mentee program for the new interns and his staff. He chose Man Sic to report to him directly. The whole team is busy during the day. Man Sic sits down, watching them with everything they do. He then asked Yeol Chan what he can do, but Yeol Chan advised him not to do anything.

Man Sic tried to use the computer and submit a report to Yeol Chan, but the latter didn’t accept it and threw it to the shredder machine. Yeol Chan smiled and left the room.

Man Sic felt furious about his treatment. He now realized that Yeol Chan is getting back at him for what he used to do in the past. 

The next day, Yeol Chan sent Man Sic to buy coffee and sandwiches at the convenience shop. He had a hard time, but he managed to bring the food to Yeol Chan. Though he never used to eat any pastry, Yeol Chan forced him to eat pizza and burgers.

Man Sic endured everything, and Yeol Chan wonders what made Man Sic stay after he’s treated the hard way.

Before this setup, Namgoong (the owner’s only son and with severe jealousy over Yeol Chan) promised to hire Man Sic. He will be given a permanent job after the internship program, as long as he makes Yeol Chan struggle in his department.

Yeol Chan planned to bring Man Sic to a dinner meeting with the Chinese partners. Man Sic is glad to hear that he will join the team, but Yeol Chan has a different purpose. He made Man Sic grill the pork instead while all of them sit and watch him.

With his stern attitude, Man Sic made the meeting lively and gained the approval of the Chinese businessman. The next day, the contract was signed by the Chinese owner. The marketing team was happy except Yeol Chan. He didn’t want Man Sic to enjoy but suffer any task he plans to do. 

Man Sic prepares his body by drinking ginseng drinks to be strong. He conditions his mind that he will work and endure Yeol Chan’s treatment. He wanted to get a permanent job as Namgoong promised to him.  

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