Korean Stars Who said no profitable Ads to Stay True To Themselves

Korean Stars Who said no profitable Ads to Stay True To Themselves
(Photo : instagram) Korean Stars Who said no profitable Ads to Stay True To Themselves

Counting the number of advertisements a celebrity has filmed is usually made as a sign of how popular the celebrity is. When the fame of a certain celebrity rises, they are always offered with a number of advertisements projects with a higher rate. Often times some celebrity take offers that are given to them even if they are endorsing some questionable products and companies.

Let us give you some list of stars who said no in order to stand strong for their beliefs.

After her debut as a member of Fin.K.L in the year 1998, actress Lee Hyori took Korea by storm as she achieved a great deal of popularity as a solo artist. She was seen in many advertisements in the year 2000s before declaring that that she would no longer be appearing in commercial ads in the year 2012.

After that Lee Hyori has turned down all ads and has continued reject offers.  In the year 2017, she was offered ads that was worth 3 billion won (approximately $ 2.6 million) when she was at the peak of her career from “Hyori’s Homestay.”  On her guestin on “Radio Star,” Lee Hyori shared that she would give thought to endorsing campaigns for public interest such as environmental issues and water conservation.

Actor Jo Jin Woong rejected an ad for a company located in Japan.

The company’s employees tried their best to persuade Jo Jin Woong, they even met with his wife to help them make him agree with the offer but it did not work. She stated that her husband has his reason for not accepting it and she doesn’t have the reason to persuade her husband.

  • Baek Jong Won

Baek Jong Won who is a famous chef and CEO is commited in helping alleyway restaurants has rejected a lot of ads for the main reason which is his beloved wife So Yoo Jin.

During an appearance in 2013 on “Healing Camp,” Baek Jong Won shared that he was offered so many ads for home appliances such as refrigerators, but his wife gave him an advice to Practice self-control at those times. Eventually in the end he gave up on all of the ads that was offered to him.

Actor Park Hyuk Kwon received fame after playing the role of Gil Tae Mi in “Six Flying Dragons” but rejected some ads because of his beliefs.

Park Hyuk Kwon stated “Is it a given for an actor to film ads? I’m not sure yet.” The actor refused  all of the offers for various endorsements including cosmetics, outdoor wear, home appliances, and insurance.

The “Show Me the Money 5” winner BeWhy was seen in a small number of ads despite being famous. According to previous reports, he was offered a large sum of money to endorse artificial flavor enhancing seasoning, but he turned it down because of the nature of the product.

The famous actor Ha Jung Woo accidentally became a mukbang star for making some mouthwatering scenes in his films. But he actually rejected all food-related ads.

Ha Jung Woo  stated that he felt that it would bring down his sincerity in acting and only wants to act out eating scenes in his acting projects.

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